Saturday, August 28, 2010

Live in Albany - July 1997 ("Fixers of Cats")

Thanks to our Ron Zion for finding this on YouTube.

So rare to come across Judas videos....always nice to see one floating around here & there.

This was from a show in Albany in July 1997....I think it ws a VFW Hall - and it was a huge show....if I remember correctly, Spazz, Monster X, Devoid of Faith & Quadiliacha also played....and definitely one or two more bands that I'm just forgetting (didn't keep very good records about that kind of stuff).

Anyway - the song is "Fixers of Cats"....which was recorded for a comp that never came out. If there's ever a Judas discography that comes out, it'll be on there.

JUDAS ISCARIOT 7/05/97 Albany, NY - "Fixers of Cats"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

first post in a year & a half...we did an interview

Not a whole to say - which shouldn't be surprising for a band that's been defunct since 1998.

There are still some rumblings about doing a discography - and we are putting the finishing touches on a pretty comprehensive interview with So Nails zine out of Hawaii.

When it comes out - we'll let you know how to get it or provide a link for it should it be available online.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Judas Iscariot blog

This blog is about my old band The Judas Iscariot.

A quick note....this "Judas Iscariot" has absolutely NOTHING to do with the black metal band/artist of the same name. I am fully aware that THAT "Judas Iscariot" was a far more popular musical entity than we ever were....nonetheless, our Judas Iscariot - in fact - THE Judas Iscariot - was a band that was important to the 3 of us who were in it - and apparently - important to some others as well.

We were Rich, Jeff (that's me) & Aaron....we were a guitar-less 3-piece that started with a punk/hardcore foundation but incorporated elements of much "softer" sounds and - as we got further along - experimented with free-jazz as well. Improvisation was always a huge part of what we were about - no matter what the sonic textures.

We were around from late-1995 until early-1998. We played our fair share of shows and did one tour.

We recorded 59 songs over the course of those years - included on a few 7"'s, a split LP and a bunch of comps....several were completely unreleased.

We broke up 10 years ago but I will tell you that the 2+ years that I spent in The Judas Iscariot were some of the most creatively rewarding times of my life.

After years of discussion about doing a discography CD....a release whose chances of seeing the light of day seemed to diminish significantly as the years seems that a discography CD will in fact see the light of day.

This blog will not be an overly active blog as - after all - how active can a blog be about a band that broke up 10 years ago.

However - the blog will trace the progress of the discography CD....and we have even spoke about POSSIBLY doing a reunion show in order to help promote its release and....well....just for old times sake.

Any occasional thoughts or what-have-you will also be posted when the inspiration strikes.

If you at all curious about what the 3 of us are up to now....

Most notably, perhaps, Aaron & I are the Coach and the Captain, respectively, in Two Man Advantage. We're a hockey-obsessed punk rock band who have now been together for over 11 years. We've put out 3 full-lengths over that time with a smattering of other stuff along the way.

You can check us out at our main website - - or on MySpace at

Aaron & I also played together in a band called Phil A. Sheo with the Goods (those who remember The Judas from back in the day may recall a band from Kalamazoo, MI called Jihad....Craig - their vocalist - was the "Phil A. Sheo" in that band....although should you find a copy of any Phil A. Sheo CDs - don't expect a band that in any way sounds like either Judas or Jihad). There were 2 Phil A. Sheo CDs....Aaron is on both of them - I was only on the second one (entitled "Grab It").

Finally....Aaron & I also did a stint in The Hudson Falcons - having played on 1 album ("La Famiglia") and a full-blown cross-country tour.

Currently, I am only playing in Two Man....while Aaron is playing in both Two Man and an incredible blues-based hard rock band - Federale - who you should definitely check out at

Rich is currently a professor in the Political Science department at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Following the break-up of the Judas - Rich played in Countdown to Putsch who had several releases. That was followed by Fire & Flux - a freejazz duo. Due to geographical distance between its 2 members, F&F seem to be on hiatus - however - their website is still current and you can check it out here -

Rich currently plays in End Times Trio - they have a CD out - and you can check out their MySpace page here -

Thanks for your interest....feel free to comment & I will certainly try to respond when time permits.