Saturday, August 28, 2010

Live in Albany - July 1997 ("Fixers of Cats")

Thanks to our Ron Zion for finding this on YouTube.

So rare to come across Judas videos....always nice to see one floating around here & there.

This was from a show in Albany in July 1997....I think it ws a VFW Hall - and it was a huge show....if I remember correctly, Spazz, Monster X, Devoid of Faith & Quadiliacha also played....and definitely one or two more bands that I'm just forgetting (didn't keep very good records about that kind of stuff).

Anyway - the song is "Fixers of Cats"....which was recorded for a comp that never came out. If there's ever a Judas discography that comes out, it'll be on there.

JUDAS ISCARIOT 7/05/97 Albany, NY - "Fixers of Cats"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

first post in a year & a half...we did an interview

Not a whole to say - which shouldn't be surprising for a band that's been defunct since 1998.

There are still some rumblings about doing a discography - and we are putting the finishing touches on a pretty comprehensive interview with So Nails zine out of Hawaii.

When it comes out - we'll let you know how to get it or provide a link for it should it be available online.